In my previous life I was a journalist/writer.

A selection of published articles/features/blogs

Next City

In 2013 The Rockefeller Foundation and Next City aimed to start a dialog about the informal economy and the impact it has on developing cities. I was one of six writers selected around the world to research and tell stories from the informal city.

Check out my feature story on Lima's Transportation Woes

An Informal Cemetery Copes With Unwanted Newcomers: The Living

Lima Roars to Life, Thanks, In Part, To Its Informal Settlements

Beneath Its Polished Surface, a Black-Market Shopping Center Thrives

Hill-Climbing Commuters Decry a Proposed Border Fence in Their Path

The Wizards Behind the Curtain in Lima’s Totally Insane Bus System

In Latin America’s Largest Textile District, Buildings Stacked On Top of Buildings

The Marketplace That Ate Lima’s Beach

Amid an Epidemic of Book Piracy, Authors Say, ‘At Least They’re Reading’

Waste-Pickers Go from Scouring the Streets to Running a Business

How 1980s Terrorism Helped Create a Class of Accidental Entrepreneurs

You can read all of my Informal City Dialogues articles here.

Sounds and Colours

In 2015 I contributed to Sounds and Colours Peru, a book, CD and DVD taking a look at contemporary Peruvian culture, and the musical, cultural and folkloric icons that continue to have a big impact on the country’s identity. I contributed to the book with an article on Peru's music pirates

"Across 200 pages, 19 tracks and 2 hours of DVD video, we show another side of Peru, bringing life to this multicultural nation. From the indigenous traditions of the Andes, to the country’s reinstatement of its Afro-Peruvian identity, and on to the contemporary art, film and music that thrives on the coast. We worked with a team of writers, researchers, film-makers, musicians, artists and illustrators from around the world to put together Sounds and Colours Peru, a unique guide to Peruvian culture made with love, passion and integrity."

ISBN: 978-0-9927043-2-2 Sounds and Colours: Peru - Out Now

Semana Economica

Founded in 1985, Semana Economica is Peru's leading business and economics magazine.

Los Secretos Que Atrapa La Red