A selection of published articles/features/blogs

Next City

In 2013 The Rockefeller Foundation and Next City aimed to start a dialog about the informal economy and the impact it has in developing cities. Six writers were selected around the world to research and tell stories from the informal city. I was one of them.

Head over to The Informal City Dialogues to read all my stories from this year-long project. You can also read my feature story on Lima's Transportation Woes

Sounds and Colours

In 2015 I contributed to Sounds and Colours Peru, a book, CD and DVD taking a look at contemporary Peruvian culture, and the musical, cultural and folkloric icons that continue to have a big impact on the country’s identity. I contributed to the book with an article on Peru's music pirates

"Across 200 pages, 19 tracks and 2 hours of DVD video, we show another side of Peru, bringing life to this multicultural nation. From the indigenous traditions of the Andes, to the country’s reinstatement of its Afro-Peruvian identity, and on to the contemporary art, film and music that thrives on the coast. We worked with a team of writers, researchers, film-makers, musicians, artists and illustrators from around the world to put together Sounds and Colours Peru, a unique guide to Peruvian culture made with love, passion and integrity."

ISBN: 978-0-9927043-2-2 Sounds and Colours: Peru - Out Now